Website Development & Server Administration

The best web and app solutions require a holistic approach; a blend of back-end and front-end development. We keep pace with emerging technologies so that we can offer you the best-fit solution for your requirements. While WordPress remains a staple in website development, we find that other solutations can work better depending on the desired outcomes. We're continually expanding our services and areas of expertise:

Server Administration

Every application has unique needs for optimization. We'll manage, or set up, your servers to give you the power, efficiency, and dependability that your app deserves.


We'll deliver secure and lightweight code to make your applications hum. We specialize in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, and command line coding.

Graphic Design

We'll design an interface that leads your users on a path of your choosing. Stunning graphics (UI) and an intuitive user experience (UX) will equal engagement and conversions.

Payment Integration

Need a custom payment solution? We have developed solutions for PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Bank Of America Merchant Services, Valutec, and others.

SDK/API Integration

We bring in the power and functionality of third party resources like: Google API (Google Translate, Maps, and Calendars), USPS rate calculations, and payment processors.


We use WordPress to create business-centric solutions resulting in our clients reporting an increase in web-traffic, efficiency, and business. We strive to fully familiarizing ourselves with your business, your target demographic, your goals, and then developing a winning solution.

For our first 10 years we specialized solely in WordPress development, making us WordPress experts. This allows us to create solutions for you quickly (often in less time and at less cost than others), that take into account the many different aspects of web development and WordPress.

To have a successful web presence with WordPress entails so much more than installing a fancy theme and some plugins. With over 70% of web traffic happening via mobile devices it's important to ask: is your website mobile friendly? Can your site be found on the web; in Google and other search engines? Has it integrated good SEO practices? Does it run quickly, or take forever to load resulting in the loss of potential customers? Is it well branded, memorable, and look professional or does it look forgettably, "out of the box"? Is your website ADA accessible and compliant? Is it secure from hacking, defacement, and data mining attacks? WordPress sites are only as good as the developers behind them, and we're among the best.

About WordPress: WordPress offers businesses with a very user-friendly interface and comes packed full of features through its plugin system. WordPress powers over 34% of all websites on the web[1]. We often use WordPress for business websites, and as a solution for eCommerce, blogging, forums, and social media websites. Chances are, if you have a specific website functionality that you want, it has already been built as a plugin. For the remaining functionality you need, we will build it from the ground up to perfectly meet your needs.


Be assured that your online marketing efforts are working for you. We combine deep data collection with sophisticated data analysis to help companies invest more in what works, and to evolve what doesn’t. With 90% of searches, worldwide, made with Google[2], and 50% of "near me" searches resulting in a store visit[3], we target and utilize Google services for effective marketing strategies. We are certified by Google as experts with Google Analytics, Search Console, My Business and AdWords. All of these tools provide data that we can track, analyze and then test to provide you with successful marketing outcomes.

How is it done? Successful marketing is a journey. We rely on known best practices to make the wisest choices. To get started we'll do some of the following: leverage the full power of Google analytics to track where your users are coming from, how they interact with your site, and provide regular data reports to your inbox. We'll implement controlled A-B testing and analyze the results. We'll configure Google Adwords to beat your competition, and place your add on top. We use Google tools to compare your website against your top-rated competitors and outpace them through green/organic SEO strategies, voice search optimization, and structured data placement. We'll help you correctly utilize Google My Business to place yourself on Google Maps and generate 5-star reviews. All of these Pieces work together synergistically to boost your web presence. With hard numbers to evaluate, we can measure and track progress towards your marketing goals. Want to know where your users' cursors (as well as their eyes and interests) are going on your webpages? We can provide that too. No more guessing, now you can know what your marketing efforts are doing for you.


"Kismet Design has been instrumental in migrating our online information management systems. Our processes are intuitive and way more efficient now. They are worth every penny, and I highly recommend them."

—Administrator, Bethel School District

"Kismet Design has helped us reach the top 5 SERP (search engine result placement) in Google for our product services across the State of Oregon. They have been awesome to work with."

—David Braun, Owner, Oregon Gutter Service

"Since Kismet Design developed our website, our business has gone through the roof. We are having to schedule out work for months in advance now, and have had to hire on more staff."